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My first semester (EVER) came by so fast and seeing these pictures make me feel as if it couldn’t have possibly happened over the semester. Oh well. Cheers to the freaking sembreak!! And here’s to more fun semesters ahead!

02:56 pm, by stephanieloise

Through My Viewfinder - Album - Roll 7

I’m back with another roll to post! I think this was an ISO 400 roll, a few shots were shots from birthday celebrations, and the rest were experiments done at home (multiple exposures and/or long exposures) I was delightfully surprised with the results, the bunch were shots I’ve never seen before (since I overlapped shots and experimented and all) and I was like Heck yeaaah! So, here are my faves!

Multiple long exposure shot, that’s confusing! So, I took a long exposure shot of the neon sign + long exposure shot of the street an voila! Weirdness!

Hazy, dreamy picture of the road while crossing the street.

I did not expect that I’ll get a decent shot inside the supermarket since the last one I got was really hazy and unclear. I took a long exposure shot as well for good measure, but I really got a bad shot (so I won’t go showing it here, ha-ha!)

Hi, mom and dad!

Mr. Tree and Mr. Sun! At this point I was just wasting away my film taking pictures outside the house, so consider this a tour of the plants and random things around my place. Haha!

Oh hello plants

Even though this was not balanced, I liked it. Darn the non-existent direct relationship between the lens and viewfinder, hu hu hu.

Some clothes hanging out by the shade (whut) and hello to Mr. Sun again!

Yep, we have a little grotto at our back yard (which isn’t really a big back yard, but yeah) It’s old, judging from the faded paint job. Character nanaman, chos!

Lame double exposure, I know, but the heck with it! Bike against a tiled wall + Papaya!

Stepping stone + Leaves + Trees

Mr. Sun and Tree strikes a pose again! You can really see my effort to finish up this roll, but I like this better than the first shot abooove.

QUADRUPLE EXPOSURE TIME! First time trying this out, and I lalalove it! Haha, too much enthusiasm?

What I love about my Mini is that I can truly expect an unexpected, one-of-a-kind picture, since the settings offer me many ways to express myself through my viewfinder (naks) and this roll made me realize that more.

That’s all of my fave-o-faves! Hope you liked it!

11:32 am, by stephanieloise

Random snaps from our trip to Singapore. 2 weeks of fun (and heat)!

Grabbed from my sister’s cam.

01:13 pm, by stephanieloise

Night Shots

Took my D3100 for a spin while we walked to and from a bazaar with cousins. I didn’t expect much since the light is low, so I picked a few that I liked, blurry or not, etcetera, etcetera. I didn’t use flash since I think that it’s too harsh. Here ya goooo!


I focused on streets with lampposts, since I needed light, how scarce it may be.

Reached the bazaar and I liked this crooked exit sign, haha!

Even though this is making me dizzy, I liked it, bear with me!

I liked the lights in this picture, even though -> blurry level: over 9000!

This is my last shot. It’s really gotten daaaaark out by this time, so there’s no point in taking more pics. At least I think the camera really works in low light situations (without using the flash)

That’s it! Hoped you liked it :)

10:40 am, by stephanieloise

Through My Viewfinder - Album - Roll 6

So I think this was the first roll I had developed at another place. Usually I go to Digiprint, but I always had this issue about them not scanning my square frames right. The frames always seem incomplete and I really get frustrated about it. So it was my first time to try Fujifilm’s services, which I admit are pricier than those of Digiprint’s, but I tried theirs since lots of Digiprint stores started closing down; and yes, there is still a branch in Shangri la Mall in Mandaluyong, yahoooo! I was seriously delighted when I saw the scans, the pictures were right smack in the middle; well, not really, but you get the picture. I’ve never been a fan of the black edges so I crop it out, and voila, square frame it is! A little background on this roll: I took these shots in an art gallery; also at PNU where we had a seminar thing first, and come break time, sight-seeing/picture-taking galore; at home, after digging my mom’s old clothes and bags; and at a pizza place (sorry, took portraits and not pizzas) Again, I forgot what film I used. But it was probably an ISO 400 because I really love ISO 400 films, Haha! Here are my faves!

I loved the streak of light-leak over there! Aaaand, another touch of red to keep me happy!

I really took unbalanced shots of individual paintings, and this is one of the ones that are ok enough. It’s really hard, not knowing if what I shot is balanced or not since what the viewfinder sees is different from what the lens captures on film. Sigh. Still, I am thankful that I got this shot right compared to the other ones!

Another balanced shot. I don’t know if you’d notice but I kind of seen than the frame is bent? I don’t know how that happened, though. Feeling fisheye, naks!

Took a picture of mom’s old skirts that I now possess, yay!

And here are her bags, that I share with my sisters. Bummer, ha-ha.

I love how focused this shot is. I’m usually used to less focused shots, what with the mini’s settings you could only hope you nail the shot. I think this is by far, the most focused shot that I have that came from my trusty mini! Good job!

Double exposure time! This is a cheesy shot, since I’m holding my mini out in a very vain fashion, to take a picture of my friend Coann, me and Kate! We need more hands, seriously! Haha!

I saw this tipster on lomography.com and I tried it out thinking, "I hope I get a good shot", and I get this baby! I love it! This is the start of me abusing the multiple exposure setting, oh yeah!

Candid shot of my girls, naks! 

It doesn’t seem so forced, that’s what I like about this picture. I took it while she was talking and prancing around, so I thought, why not? I’m happy that this is what I got in return!

This time it’s Kate’s candid smile shot. Mehehe..

The sun’s light covered the flag on top of the pole, but I like this shot too much to think of this as a waste.

Peek-a-boo; though not as cool as the focused one I shot earlier. Biased!

Outside the window. Seriously, the shot looks curved too. Feeling fisheye # 2!

It’s better to fail in doing something, than to succeed IN DOING NOTHING! Okay, this quote is the bomb!

Finally, the portraits, not pizzas, from the pizza place.

Well, that’s all my favorites. I loved the vibrancy of the colors here. Since almost all of the film I use are expired (though I think the roll here is expired as well) I expect bleak colors (seriously I can’t predict expired rolls, since I need to refrigerate them and all, which I never really do HAHA), but it’s on me to figure out how to shoot a great picture despite the saturation. I’m still learning, but I believe in myself enough to do things that I think will come out nice. I hope you like this one, folks!

02:21 pm, by stephanieloise

ominousvelociraptor-deactivated wanted to know: Love the Diana Mini half shots! I'm trying to get through my most recent roll so I can see what mine have turned out to be. I'm starting to think half shot is my preferred way to shoot.

Really? I’m still a pretty big fan of square frame mode so I’m still sticking with that most of the time, but I do love the results that come out of both modes! It’s nice that I get to talk to someone who has the same camera as mine, haha! I hope your shots turn out great! I’m still having some rolls re-scanned so I hope those shots turn out good as well. Oh, and thanks for dropping by!

11:22 pm, question from ominousvelociraptor-deactivated, answered by stephanieloise

Through My Viewfinder - Album - Roll 5

Second time trying out the half-frame mode here. I loved this roll! I think I took pictures of random things thinking “Oh what the heck I’ll just shoot it” not knowing if it was the logical, worth-the-time-money-and-effort move to do. But I guess it’s just instinct or something that triggers me to take a picture of something I see beauty in. Lomography motto: Don’t think; Just shoot is what I’ve been trying to do all along. I think that once you get into your zone, you just have that something in you that just wants to shoot, even though your brain tells you not to. And I think that’s something I am very happy about; that I’m comfortable with not thinking and just shooting my heart out. So, here are my favorites from this little roll (which I totally forgot :/ I think this is either an ISO 400 or ISO 200 roll)

Unsteady long-exposure of the road lights as the night was getting darker

I liked the contrasting clash of the bright spinning wheel (a kiddie ferris wheel) and the dark & blurry stack of books!

Another awesome contrasting shot between a lively fireworks display, and a gloomy stormy sky ahead. This is what I love about half-frames. You never know if the two pictures will look good together or if it’s better to split it into two individual pictures to avoid looking at an eyesore, haha!

Taking these shots were a bit awkward. I took it while inside a public transport vehicle here, more known as jeepney/jeep. But I really wanted to take a picture of a moving jeep (left) and while stuck in traffic, was attracted by the fragrant smell of the pile of trash by the road. I know, blech!

Here’s one of those "I need to take a picture of this" shots. I’ve always been that girl that takes weird pictures of random things. I’ve used to do that all the time with my camera phone and my sister’s digital camera, and it used to infuriate her to find a picture of a fork in her folder. Haha!

I L O V E this combination! It’s colorful enough for me since my usual shots are green and blue (trees and skies) so it’s nice to see a tinge of red and purple for a change. Oh, and say hi to my friend Mara being cool with a Stitch sleeping mask on!

My friend Mara (as mentioned above) and I were looking around the quaint and quiet Cubao Expo that day, and this is what we saw in one of the antique shops in there. Good deals, and a good shot for me!

Nightfall in the Cubao Area. I didn’t use a tripod in both these shots so that explains the dizzying lights, but I like it, I liked the bright pop of the lights!

I was taking pictures of the clotheslines after eating lunch and on the left, the advance wheel got stuck and so I had to press the shutter again for it to move, and so the wide, wide gap between the 2 pics. I really like it though, another one of those character (chos) shots!

The sun’s seen more in the left than in the right, but I liked how both shots turned out, they’re like twins. Say whuuuut?

I frantically wanted this roll to be finished, as far as I could remember, so when I saw the post with the tubero signs, which is pretty normal and typical here (practically scattered all over electricity posts, and on tree trunks) and a little white fence; click; krrrrk, krrrrk, krrrrrk; click!

That’s all there is to it. And that sure is a lot. Well, I did say that I did love this roll, and I love how I got a lot of pictures thanks to handy half-frame mode. Although it does take a LOOOOOONG time to finish that roll. That feeling I get when I really wanna see the results of my adventures but I can’t because I’m only halfway through the roll is irritating at times. Nonetheless, I do enjoy the suspense and excitement of it all. Hope you like this batch like I do!

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Saying hello to my shiny new baby; nakss
Sorry, I haven’t really taken it out for a proper spin so I guess posting a somewhat vain picture of me with it will kinda have to do for now -___-

Saying hello to my shiny new baby; nakss

Sorry, I haven’t really taken it out for a proper spin so I guess posting a somewhat vain picture of me with it will kinda have to do for now -___-

01:51 pm, by stephanieloise

Through My Viewfinder - Album - Roll 4

Experimental roll number 2, this time with an alcohol bath. The result was awesome with the colored flash gels, but those with none were ghostly and washed out. I even got a shot with gooey white and black dripping away. This is why I need that film dryer. Which is why all albums to come are gonna be plain jane with the exceptions of different angles, shots from the hip and double exposures. In short: Less extreme experiments. Haha! Oh, I shot this in half-frame mode from a 15 shot-roll (I forgot the name, but I know it’s ISO 400) Here are my faves!


The flash gels on the left, plain jane flash on the right; with a creepy, vintage vibe

Classmates during our Buwan ng Wika celebration. The picture starts to break apart here

This is so cute, we put up newspapers on a wall for a school project, and instant photo shoot! The scan was a bit off though, but I’ll say it’s character! wushoo!

I dunno what happened to this shot, looks like I never even used it, but this is the shot with the drippy gooey effect. Weiiiiiird.

That’s all my faves for this one, not a lot though, because of the ghastly, pale tones. Hope you liked it!

11:21 am, by stephanieloise

Through My Viewfinder - Album - Roll 3

This was one of my first experiments with film, I soaked a Fujicolor Superia Xtra400 Roll in a baking soda + water mixture. I think the reason why I only tried it this time plus one with rubbing alcohol was because I didn’t have the proper drying tools (our hairdryer’s pretty close to blowing up, haha!) The result was a bit deflating, I got hazy bluish/purplish shots, with lots of black dots scattered per image. Still, it was fun to experiment, you don’t really know what you’re gonna get. But until I get a decent film dryer contraption, I’d have to experiment in another field. Without further ado, here are my faves:

See my friends over there? Ha ha haaaa!

The flag’s far away, good thing the black dots didn’t invade that little nook.

I liked this old, closed down cinema; very vintage!

Of balloons and double exposures

Cool light streaks!

This was supposed to be a double exposure attempt with the heart first then some interesting pattern, but I forgot and if you look closely, there’s a uniform (whut) Guess I love my alma matter!

That’s all my faves for this roll! Hope you like it as much as I do!

11:12 am, by stephanieloise